5 Laptops or Tablets Under $1000 To Get This Black Friday


The Dell Inspiron 7000 2-in-1, 13- and 15-inch models – $749.99


For its price you would expect some budgeting on design, features and a whole lot of other components, seeing as most manufacturers reduce on quality to accommodate lower cost price.
The dell Inspiron 7000 comes in a fully metallic as opposed to what you would expect (plastic) considering its price.
It doesn’t scrimp on resolution availing you a crisp 1,920×1, 080-pixel IPS touchscreen display. Not quite done, it comes with a fast processor packed with the current-gen Core i5 chip (Intel core M processor is way slower, and by the way, for this article I’m using a Dell with a core i3 processor). It comes standard with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD modules, a highly functional back-lit keyboard and touchpad, and when most manufacturers add more components or ports to the bigger screen versions, Dell decided to make the 13’ and 15’ identical with the only difference being the 17’ (not featured here).

Not quite done with its capabilities, it also features the somewhat new and not widely available Windows Hello face-recognizing camera, adding it to the prestigious list of the few laptops that do. It could do better with battery life lasting for a period of about 4-6 hrs depending on use but even that doesn’t diminish its awesomeness.
There is the option of an additional external battery which can be plugged into the USB-C port which amazingly charges up the laptop to 80% of its capacity in record time. This external battery can additionally be used to charge up tablets and phones coming with 2 USB ports of its own. This Laptop packs a punch and then some for its price and if you haven’t already placed your order, then I think you need to get yourself checked.

Surface Pro 4 – $799.00/£699.00


This Microsoft device advertised as a tablet has come a long way. It’s taken on the responsibility of not just being a tablet but also a makeshift laptop. It’s the 4th gen in this model and it is an improvement on its immediate predecessor which was itself a huge success (Surface Pro 3). So what’s amazing about the pro 4, it’s got a bit more width in the screen department (12.3 inches) in comparison to the previous pro (12 inches). It’s also a lot slimmer, incredibly responsive to touch and has a far greater resolution when compared to other devices (2736 x 1824 pixels).


In lay man terms, designers and artist get a far better luminous color accurate screen and for the Netflix folks it means more realistic looking movies and games. The surface pro 4 is not just better improved in design but also has much improved stylus and keyboard (still sold separately). The stylus is much lighter feeling more like a pencil in your grip. It comes without a loop attachment; little, thin powerful magnetic strips have been added to the surface which allows the pen to just cling on to its left side. It comes with a functional eraser on its other end and some extra unique features (it can now summon Cortana with a long press) and to top it off, additional pen tips are offered with each purchase). The stylus is much more accurate and does a good job at tracking when being used, in addition with Microsoft’s PixelSense display; this is a pen artsy folks will enjoy.

The type cover is also very much improved, coming slightly thicker, with well-spaced buttons allowing for deeper key travel and punchier feedback. The type cover is back-lit and has a wider touch-pad making it more similar to a typical laptop keypad than previously. It is sold separately but worth the additional cost seeing as it is backward compatible and comes with bio-metric functionality (fingerprint ID-ing).


Asides this two vastly improved additions, the Pro 4 at its base level comes with an Intel Core M processor with a 4GB RAM, this will surely not tickle anyone’s fancy, but with a few available upgrade options, a more powerful processor can be attained ( although you’ll have to spend more).
It promises a battery life of 9 hrs on minimal use, although 3-4 hrs is a more of a realistic expectation.
Will it replace your laptop? I think it can, with a higher functioning processor, longer battery life and the type cover sold inclusive. It should compete. However, it still remains an excellent machine and one you should look out for Black Friday or Christmas.

Acer Chromebook 14 – $229.99/£179.99

First word I would use to describe this is inexpensive, second would be Sleek or classy. The Acer Chromebook (laptops running on Google’s Chrome operating system) is more than just these descriptions; it’s an aluminium matte-finished, 14” full HD IPS display system. It comes with an Intel Celeron processor, either quad-core N3160 or dual-core N3060 and comes with either a 2GB or 4GB (on board memory) and 16GB or 32GB (storage eMMC) modules respectively.


Now in comparison to the Dell 7000 it falls short but it’s a Chromebook and wins in its category, it features as mentioned an aluminium body whereas a lot of its contemporaries come in plastic, it is slim, very portable due to its thinness, albeit having a larger screen than other options in the same category.
It has no SD or micro-SD ports; hence the possibility of increasing memory without an external drive is made impossible.

Also the keyboard isn’t back-lit and shallow, plus if you need more functionality from your system you would be better served to look elsewhere (Work version of this Chromebook is a start)
Although these features might detract power users, the Chromebook still carries the Chrome OS and web apps seamlessly for standard operating use. With a classier, stylish look, an average battery life of between 10-14 hrs, easy portability, you’ll be best pleased with this machine.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin – $849.99
What makes the notebook 7 spin stand out, seeing as it features in a competitive pool of equally impressive 2-IN-1s?


For starters unlike the usual 2-IN-1 designs bundled with a Type cover, this looks like a laptop and not a tablet seeing as it comes with an attached keyboard, although it comes with a 360 degree hinge making it maneuverable and allowing it fold back to function as a touch screen tablet. This isn’t exactly a new design or feature as this is readily available on some other systems (Lenovo yoga series). So what then really makes the Notebook 7 spin stand out? The fact you get a full HD touchscreen with a very special feature termed HDR (High dynamic range) is a start in the right direction. What this does is gives you better balance between light and dark parts of the picture, enabling better contrast and clarity (keep in mind this feature can be turned off).NOTEBOOK 7 15

Not done with impressive screen features, this also comes with the Nvidia 940MX graphics chip making this one of the very limited gamer-friendly hybrids on the market. (NB – HDR isn’t widely available as yet, with only youtube offering streaming HDR content to PCs) Although, they are two different models available for the 15” version which affect pricing, they both come packed with Intel core i7 processor, Nvidia graphics chip and only differ in RAM size (12GB for the lower end and 16GB for the higher model). The 13” series comes with Intel i5 processor but with 8GB RAM. Both battery life promises up to 9 hrs delivering 5-8 hrs depending on use. Also available is fast charge, attaining a full charge from zero in no more than 90 mins.
It isn’t the flashiest looking machine in the market, it won’t draw many heads based on architecture, it isn’t sleek, its best described as practical looking, but it is super-fast, super fluid (thanks to the core i7 CPU and discrete Nvidia graphics). It’s extremely functional and comes at a reasonable enough price for all its abilities.

 Lenovo Yoga 900 – $911.99
The yoga series has been widely advertised as one of the foremost developers of the 360-degree hinge. The yoga 900 although not amply labeled is an upgrade of the Yoga Pro 3. It’s been very much improved as you would rightly expect, with longer battery life, a more powerful processor, improved keyboard and track-pad.

The most exciting thing about its design is the revamped hinges which are built in such a way as to permit a rear facing vent, allowing hot air escape out the back instead of down onto your lap. Coming with a 13.3 inch QHD display (resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels) this isn’t close to 4k but you get a far richer, crispier display than most devices.900-prod-lg-5
The yoga 900 comes packed with Intel core i-series Skylake processor, discarding of the M core processor in the former versions (according to Intel, Skylake improves CPU and GPU performance while improving battery life). It comes with two USB ports, a solitary USB-C port and a multi-card reader. It lacks video outlets in form of HDMI or Display-Port. Its battery port can also function as another USB port bringing the number of USB ports to three. The power cable can also be removed from its brick, which can function as a charger for phones or tablets once a USB cable is attached.lenovo-laptop-yoga-900-13-front

The yoga 900 comes with a base configuration of 8GB RAM and 265 SSD (solid state drive) with an Intel Core i7 processor. The yoga 900 shines when it comes to display and graphics, it’s a bit pricey when compared to others on this list but it comes with the i7 core processor, making it fast and fluid. Battery life has been improved promising 9 hrs of use. This is determined by several factors for instance brightness settings, applications being used and so on. It lasts for up to 4 hrs when in heavy use.
Its super-fast, it’s sleek, it’s a 2-in-1 and it’s got one of the lustrous displays out right now for a non-4k device, is it everything you would ever want in a 2-in-1? Only time can tell. It does have a place in our hearts and would make a perfect gift (the Yoga 900S is a similar model which is cheaper if you’ll rather spend less).


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