Watch how Ikea Tackles Divorce in New TV Ad


Divorce is a controversial topic for any company to explore in their advertising. It is a topic that is just too depressing; a lot of companies avoid depressing content and stick to happy topics when it comes to their brand perception. I agree divorce is depressing and sad, even if it’s also, of course, relatable to so many millions of people worldwide.

A few brands have taken the risk—Honey Maid and also Ford, which rolled out this lovely and sad short film earlier this year.

Now Ikea’s has taken the plunge. Check out the spot here

Created by Stockholm agency Åkestam Holst and directed by Martin Werner at Bacon, the TV ad tackles the subject of divorce for good purpose. Rather than present sleek reproduction of life, polished to precision, the furniture seller wants its target shoppers to feel like it really understands their lives—and not just the happy parts.
“Where life happens” is the tagline on this spot, it dramatizes various aspects of Ikea’s sincere presence in peoples’ ordinary life,” the agency says. “Through this continuous interaction, Ikea constantly learns about how people live and what they need. Their lifestyle triggers the inspiration to develop products and solutions that fit with ordinary life in an even better way.”


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