Dyson’s New Canister Vacuum Will Continuously Get Back Up


Canister vacuums are famous for regularly tipping as they move across your floors. Which can be, tad annoying when trying to clean a room. Dyson has produced a canister vacuum that can continuously get back upright itself. What makes the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball’s trailing canister purportedly able to always right itself is the 2 big wheels with its overall sphere-shaped design that helps stop it from getting caught on obstacles.

The articulated extending cleaning handle on the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball can be alternated in 3 different directions so you can effortlessly elevate it above your head to remove cobwebs hiding near the ceiling. And just like all of Dyson’s recent full-sized vacuums, the Cinetic Big Ball is free of filters, so you don’t have to occasionally clean it; instead, it relies on flexible oscillating tips on its inner cyclone chambers to guarantee all dust ends up in the dirt bin, and not obstructing the airflow.

The beauty of this device can be found on the vacuum’s self-winding power cord, fitted with a centrifugal braking system which ensures that the speed of the cord is in check as it draws back. The Carbon fiber turbine tool removes dirt from rugs, carpets and hard floors
You can buy one for $600 here


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