Christmas Countdown 2016 – Are you ready for the festive season?


Yes that’s right, the shops are setting aside the aisles, lists are being written and it’s time to talk about Christmas. If you are the type of person who is busy researching the perfect decorations or long for the switching on of your local Christmas lights and have seasonal carols on loop, we have just the thing for you!

 Get prepared for the festive season, from your advent calendar to the perfect Christmas themes with what’s on trend and what you should be looking out for in your quest to be prepared for the Christmas season this year. Find out by reading our festive countdown below…

Fantastic Festive Decoration

You can’t get ready for the Christmas season without a bit of decoration. Whether you’re someone who matches their Christmas tree lights to their present wrapping paper or someone who goes for as many different colours as possible, there is a theme for everyone. Check out our top three themes for Christmas 2016…

Northern Serenity

Taking inspiration from the Northern hemisphere and the freezing climbs of The Nordic region this decoration theme centres on ice and beauty. With snow topped evergreens as standard the Scandinavian style is one of sophistication and class, a perfect way to create any winter wonderland in your own home.

Dec your space out with green wreaths and some rustic textures, with plenty of soft throws and blankets to keep you cosy in the winter chills. Create contrasts between the greens with bright reds and crisp whites. You can’t go wrong with the white gold decorations on the tree.  

Bright and Bold

If you’re after something a bit more celebratory why not try a bright and bold look around your house this December? A fun approach to the festive season combines kitsch with pop art inspired graphics for a contemporary style Christmas.

Try out contrasting bright colours broken up with monochrome pieces. Geometric prints are really in not to mention bold shapes and smooth hi-shine surfaces that will really set off your living room space.

All Out Luxury

In this trend there is no such thing as too much. In this ‘pile it all on’ approach rich and deep colours create the opulent mood board of plush surroundings, ideal for an all-out festive celebration.

For this decorative theme candles and warm lighting is key to highlighting the true magic of this Christmas package, throwing light and dark shadows across the deep reds and gold colouring brings out the real atmospheric mood.    

The Perfect Advent

Now don’t be fooled by your nearest supermarket and easy option of their own advert calendar.

Go that extra mile and make this year’s advent countdown something to get excited about. Everyone deserves a treat in the lead up to Christmas and this year is no exception.

Simply Chocolate

If you’re going to opt for a chocolate choice and are looking for a tasty treat for a bargain, you can’t go wrong with a classic Cadburys calendar. Available in most local supermarkets, this is a safe option for any young family member and is sure to keep them smiling in the lead up to the big day.


If you’re looking for something slightly more upmarket, but still within budget, why not try a Lindt chocolate calendar? Made by their master chocolatiers for nearly 150 years they really know their chocolate. Using some of the finest cocoa and a unique grinding and roasting technique the Lindt advent calendar will get anybody’s taste buds going.


A Little Bit of Luxury

If what you’re after is something a bit more luxurious look no further than the continental chocolate calendar by Thornton’s. Containing chocolate delights from their Continental collection for every day of the advent season this stylish creation puts the excitement in the Christmas countdown. Which dose of deliciousness will you go for?

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A Bit More Adventurous

Not a chocolate fan? Saving yourself for the holiday? We still have a calendar for you, 2016 brings with it a plethora of alternative advent calendars for those looking for something a little bit different in December.

Getting ready to glam up for the festive season? Check out House of Frazer’s beauty box calendar, offering a different beauty gift each day. A perfect way for you to prepare for the party season. This limited edition treat box includes beauty bonuses such as exclusive Couture Eye Shadow Dust, House of Frazer Nail Art and Glitter Liquid Eyeliner, great for your Pre-Christmas pampering regime.


untitled-design-17If you’re looking for a more fragrant build up to the festive season there is always the Yankee Candle Party Pavilion advent calendar. In this outrageously extravagant gift set each door reveals either a Yankee Tea Light or Votive Candle in a range of nine fabulously festive fragrances.


Last but not least, why not have a go at making your own? If nothing quite hits the right spot pick your own gifts and create your own perfect advent. Nothing says you care like a personally crafted calendar.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Christmas Countdown. Don’t forget to get your advent ready in time for December.

Christmas really is coming and it’s going to be a cracker!


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