Affordable Wireless Speakers II


In conclusion of the Bluetooth wireless speaker series, here are five more reviewed options and 7 suggestions which mainly due to price and not performance didn’t make it on the initial list.

Inateck BP2001

The Inateck BP2001 is a low end blue tooth speaker that offers Twin 5watt amplifiers (10W) with no distortion, even at maximum volume.


Asides the Bluetooth capabilities (Bluetooth v2.1) which seamlessly connect with all devices, it comes with a design featuring a dock at the top of the speaker, this dock is capable of fitting any size tablet.

Provided on the back is an on/off switch, an AUX port and a micro-USB port for charging the speaker. Truth is the bass isn’t as punchy as you would see on more pricey options but there’s a full nice tone to it. For the price, it’s a good enough option as it surprisingly gives not just loud but clear sound.71aekg9ovpl-_sl1300_

If you aren’t an audiophile and also don’t want to splash too much on a wireless speaker, but also want good enough quality sound. This is the speaker for you.

JBL Pulse 2

The most often asked looked for qualities when it comes to buying a Bluetooth speaker is good sound quality water resistance and long battery life. The Pulse 2 boasts all these attributes but packs a little more punch overall, and that has me smiling.


Coming with a 15 watt amplified sound provided by two drivers and two passive bass radiators situated on both ends of the speaker. Bottom line, it produces astonishing bass ranges for its size. Not only does it give off an impressive bass tone, it also produces a deep and impactful tonal quality whatever the genre of music. Sound quality check passed.

The Pulse 2 has a sleek cylindrical like design, displaying a colour lightshow when the speaker is in use. The pattern and colour of the lights can be changed by pointing the image sensor at the colour you want displayed (neat trick). This is a neat party favour, but don’t worry if you get bored you can easily switch off the lights.


Like all JBL speakers it comes as a connect-enabled device allowing pairing with other connect enabled devices. Coming in with an iPX4 rating it can only survive splashes and cannot be submerged.

The battery life is estimated at 10 hours but as with battery life several factors come into play and with the pulse 2 connecting directly through the aux port extends battery life by almost 4hrs. On the other hand with Bluetooth battery life is a lot less than advertised. Regardless the Pulse 2 still gives you a decent amount of longevity on battery power and sounds so sweet you’ll be too pleased to notice any of its shortcomings.

JBL Charge 3


Ever wanted a portable speaker that also doubled as a charger, well thanks to JBL the charge has made that a reality. Regardless of this, the real question is does it perform well as a Bluetooth wireless speaker and the answer is in the affirmative thankfully.

Offered in 5 different colourways, the charge 3 comes with dual 50mm 10 watt drivers and dual external passive bass radiators. The radiators are placed at each end and are exposed which is noticed when bass heavy tracks are played. The Charge 3 however delivers and when played loudly handles its business with no distortion to the quality and quantity of bass.

The Charge 3 has its fault, for instance slightly muted highs are noticed although this is due to its waterproof construction and do not in any way distort overall performance. The Charge 3 is louder and delivers more bass than its predecessor although the Charge 2 has a better balanced speaker. However, in big open areas it carries further than the charge 2.Unlike the charge 2 this comes with an iPX7 certification making it fully waterproof.charge3_6000mah_rechargeable_battery

There is JBL connectivity through the JBL app which ensures wireless link ability with other JBL Connect enabled speakers. The controls provided include the power button, play/pause, Bluetooth pairing, volume control and a playback button (which doubles as the call management button). This can also be tapped (twice) to skip forward but has no skip back capabilities.

The Charge 3 comes advertised with 20 hours of battery life. This however, depends on what its being used for and at what volumes.

You might be asking yourselves, “Why get the charge 3?” the answer is simply because it strikes a balance between sound, feature and price, like no other speaker does so why not?

Fluance Fi50


The Fluance Fi50 is a 2 way 4drive dual port Bluetooth wireless speaker with a tweeter mounted in the centre of a 5-inch woofer. It’s comes in a wooden cylindrical shaped box with three colour options. Unlike its predecessor (the Fi30) that came with an 8 watt amplifier the Fi50 comes with a 40 watt amplifier with no distortion.There is an equalizer that allows you adjust treble and bass settings via the touch controls on top of the speaker. This touch controls can also be used to control volume but there is no play/pause option. On the top surface are adjustable LED lights which can be dimmed or turned off. Provided is an auxiliary inlet for non-Bluetooth devices.

It comes with AptX which is an enhanced audio technology that makes streaming audio over Bluetooth as good as CD quality for devices that support it. The pairing tone which was deemed extremely loud regardless of volume level has been improved upon, giving a mid-level pairing tone regardless of if volume is high or not.

The Fi50 is not advertised as a portable speaker as it has no rechargeable battery, and needs to be plugged. It provides no speakerphone capabilities but provides a USB port for charging phones and other devices.


Despite these minor inconveniences, the Fi50 still does what it’s primarily meant to do, give you wireless speaker capabilities with super fluid sound quality.

Bose SoundLink mini II

Coming in as one of the smallest in this category, although not small enough to fit in your pocket, the Mini II is a big deal when it comes to sound quality. The Mini II boasts of quality sound with a powerful deeper bass, silkier mids and smoother treble. This is due to the impeccable passive radiators available in the Mini II. Passive radiators are used in smaller speakers as against the more traditional speakers used in bigger speakers. The passive radiators complement standard drivers thereby increasing low frequency sound they are able to output. What does this all mean? For the soundLink these radiators can be said to be near perfect, hence the quality of audio produced from this otherwise tiny box.


The Mini II also has some interesting features, for instance a charging dock is another option instead of the usual charging cable, and charge ports are available on both the dock and the speaker. Also included are a standard micro USB port and a microphone which allows the speaker to be used as a loudspeaker for phone calls.

Although the Mini II like its predecessor does not support AptX or NFC (Near Field Communication), it comes with standard Bluetooth connection and a new voice system that informs you on pairing. The Aux button previously available on its predecessor has been ditched in favour of a system which automatically switches to Aux when a device is plugged in. although two devices can be paired at once you are only allowed to play audio from one at a time.71vqmfye-yl-_sl1500_

The battery life on mid-range volume gives you a total of 10hrs use although on higher volume this reduces to about 7-8 hrs. There is also an added option of an external battery to juice up the Bose SoundLink Mini II.

The Bose produces clean crisp fluid audio although it doesn’t come with AptX considering the price being paid. It still delivers clear cut sound some may argue even better than speakers in its range with AptX.

Also recommended although not reviewed are the following:

Bose Soundtouch 10


It’s a Bose, it means business and its business is quality sound production. Audiophiles will applaud.

TDK Life on Record TREK Max A34 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker


It’s impressive, awesome and if you have the money to splurge than look no further.

Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker III


Everything the mini II promises plus more. Be warned, it’s a bit pricier, but well worth the cash if you have it.

UE Megaboom


If you’ve read the review on the Ultimate Ears boom 2 and feel that’s tailored made in regard to your requirements, then the Megaboom is the Bentley when compared to the BMW that is the Boom 2. Also just as costly as the Bentley

Charge 2+


Surprised an older model made the list, do not be. The Charge 2+ is everything the Charge 3 is except waterproof and rich in bass, but still boasts of a more balanced sound plus its half the price now.

Sony SRS-XB3 Bluetooth


The XB3 gets very loud plain and simple. It’s not just loud but delivers deep bass response amazing clarity and sharpness in the highs. (Note: Bass heads will love it)

Dali Katch


Pricey but worth every penny.




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